Ganga: The nowhere river

The Ganga has little water for much of the year, and the contamination of that little exceeds description. This book explains why the Ganga River is in such a sorry state and how to clean it up.

Explore the online version of the report here.

The future of the Brahmaputra-Yarlung Tsangpo river

This series of articles from explores the future of the Brahmaputra-Yarlung Tsangpo river - one of the world's great transboundary rivers - which starts on the Tibetan Plateau before passing through India and Bangladesh.

This report from India Climate Dialogue traces the evolution of India's climate policy and its stance at climate negotiations over the last few decades. It also asks: how India has championed the cause of the developing world?

How is China shifting to a low-carbon economy? What is driving the transition, and how will it affect the negotiations? chinadialogue's new report explores these crucial questions.

The uncertain future of the Mekong River

chinadialogue and explore the environmental challenges of dam building along the Mekong River in China and Southeast Asia.



Collective Action on South Asia’s ‘Wicked Problems’

This paper by Dipak Gyawali explores identifies why regional cooperation in managing water has not been successful, bringing together so-called 'toad's eye' concerns of the grassroots, as well as the 'eagle's eye' perspectives of national and global managers.